• Deliciosa comida Japonesa

    Furi Maki
    Inside: surimi, phillly cream cheese and avocado. Outside: salmon furikake and sesame.

  • Deliciosa comida Japonesa

    Wide Variety!
    Enjoy the best Japanese food in Morelia!

  • Deliciosa comida Japonesa
  • Deliciosa comida Japonesa

    Eel Maki
    Inside: eel, philly cheese cream and avocado. Outside: eel and sesame.

Who are we?

The idea was born in a journey to Japan, where after watching and listening the meaning of the Lotus Flower, his founder came back to Mexico with the interest of starting a new way, under the concept of the renaissance as the Lotus Flower, which emerges of the dark depths with glory and fullness.

With a clear concept, Flor de Loto (Lotus Flower) started operations on the 8th of December, 2008, in a small shop in the south part of the city of Morelia. A few years later, with a consistent growing, it opened 4 new branches, three of them in different parts of the city of Morelia and one of them in the city of Moroleon, achieving an excellent response from the customers.

Over time, it has become in a reference for the Morelia’s Japanese food restaurants. Nowadays, Flor de Loto not only offers products of high quality, it offers also the best customer service. Therefore, for this and other many reasons too, Lotus Flower has positioned itself as a leading brand and as an example to be pursued by the competitors. In a constant search for innovation, Flor de Loto started with the development of its franchise system in February, 2012.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create dishes with the highest quality for the most exigent palates, fusing flavors to create a wide range of dishes.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the best option to enjoy the Japanese food in the national territory, fusing and innovating new dishes to satisfy our customers’ expectations.